What is Periscope

So just what is periscope, the new app out? Quite simply its part of Twitter who launched the video app that offers live broadcasting!

The free iPhone app was developed by a startup called periscope and it was acquired by Twitter back in January 2015 after a rival to periscope, Meerkat was launched.

As quoted by Twitter ” Periscope lets you broadcast live video to the whole world. It is live immediately and will instantly notify your followers. Once the broadcast has been viewed they can be replayed for 24 hours and in turn can be saved in the broadcasters film roll. If you don’t want the whole world to see your broadcasts you can make them private and viewable to followers of your choice.

This new breed of video broadcasting is new breed to 2014/15 the demand has advanced due to rise in popularity go smart phones and 4G and the ever rising popularity in social media activity.

Many folk, businesses and the famous have taken to periscope and some were given early access in advance of its launch. It is currently only available on iOS, queue unhappy android users fleeing to meerkat or heavily protesting until its available to all platforms.

So queue a plethora of live video clips, pets, buildings, sporting events, gigs…