Solar Eclipse 2015 Leeds

Solar Eclipse 2015 Leeds will happen on Friday 20th March 2015. A total solar eclipse will happen over the Northern regions of the Arctic and Europe. The full eclipses longest duration will be 2 minutes and 46 seconds off the norther coast of the Faroe Islands. This solar Eclipse will be the only one for a decade with the next one on August 12 2026.

The solar eclipse in Leeds will not reach total phase, however it will be visible as partial. The eclipse begins n Leeds at 08.28, maximum eclipse will be 09.99 and the partial eclipse will end at 10.43.

As we all know you cannot look directly at the eclipse as it is harmful to the eye, nor should we point a camera to it, as this in turn can harm the lens. So how does one view the eclipse?

You can look at the sun via a piece of card such as a paper plate
solar eclipse

Or through the more traditional glasses or pin hole camera – do watch this tutorial if you’re feeling all creative

So where ever in Leeds or the UK you may be grab a little bit of the eclipse, for there won’t be another for another 11 years!