Is your mobile sites SEO Friendly?

Is your mobile sites SEO Friendly? They need to be as from April 21st Google are going to rank searches made on mobiles.

It is a necessary means, given that a large portion of traffic is now from mobile users, so web masters must ensure that
the mobile site has good usability and s consistent to that of the main site. Whats more google are

Statistics clearly show why it is essential for your business to have a mobile friendly website

61% of users are unlikely to return to a mobile site they have previously had problems with or find unfriendly, with 40%
of those users optioning for a competitors website if they indeed had a friendlier site.

Tips to help your phone in mobile.

A top tip if you don’t already, is to get your site into Google Webmaster tools, within this you can check mobile usability and
google will crawl your pages and bring up any errors. You can flag this with your developers to ensure you are not penalised.

Ensure your page speed is good, ensure you update your CMS to the latest version, if you have purchased a custom theme, make sure its up to date and has a mobile friendly version built in, most importantly if you look after the site yourself and you are not to savvy online, make sure you back up your site first off! If your site is built on a platform such as WordPress, joomla, drupal or the likes, they generally have a good forum with problem solving if you run out of your depth.

Check your site free through google here

Don’t block CSS, Javascript or Imagery

Don’t hide all of the above in your mobile site Smart phone Googlebot will still see the same imagery and content that you and I see
so don’t go hiding it, it all adds to the big humble pot of responsive sites. Don’t use flash however as the plugin may not be available on your users phone,
likewise with pop ups these can be hard for users to close on small devises and you may lose traffic as a result.

Ensure your page scrolls well rather than having buttons that can be hard to click on for those with meatier fingers.

Make sure you optimise titles and metas sparingly and with quality information.