Apple i Watch

Apple i watch as announced and launches on Friday 24th April. The cost of the the said technology is ranged from £299 to a whopping £13,500 (we are thinking gold and bling here) The stainless steel edition weighs in from £479 a pop

The larger models measure up at 1.7 inch and will cost around £40 than the smaller 1.5 inch version.

The Apple watch will launch on 24th April and will rival the current smart watches on the market which includes the kick starter pebble watch.

So what bang do you get for your buck?

Its iOS 8.2 – friendly watch that plays nicely with your iphone
It reads your emails, summons siri, receives calls and can track your fitness. It can also notify you with updates for your social media accounts and syncs greatly with your phone.

So all you Apple loving techies, get saving or praying the easter bunny brings you a nice little nest egg. Get saving up – pre orders and previews will be available in advance and I’m sure come April 24th there will be queue out the door.

and if thats’ not enough to tempt you, watch the video