Instagram New Carousel Ads

Instagram new carousel ads, once never allowed on instagram urls to open, until now! It’s main aim, previously, was to have continuity whilst browsing photos on the application and not going off the site. However Instagram insist that advertisers demand a better way to influence and reach people effectively for their business.

brands and companies want to see more measurable impact, bring forth the carousel ads will show clickable links that let you swipe through 4 images in concession, with a ‘Learn more’ button that enables links which will open another link internally. You can jump back to instagram via the top bar as it never actually leaves the site. These said ads are going to popping up on timelines on users feeds during the coming weeks, although Instagram failed to aknowledge which brands.

Whilst some folk may not welcome the arrival, its such revenues that enable the app to be generated free. Instagram have already been there with ads back in 2013 which let to a backlash of complaints, which eventually died down.

So where will this new campaign take us to? Will general users who take to instagram to avoid ads on sites such as snapchat and Facebook flee to another vessel once these ads pop up all over? Time will tell.