Photoshop is 25

A huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY to one of the kings to aid the design world, photoshop turns 25, and what would we do without you!

An example of what photoshop can do, a series of photos below all done in photoshop, 25 images for every year of photoshop, 1 (top left picture) is the only picture that is real, the others quite simply have been photoshopped, oh the power of photoshop!

Photoshop have enhanced folks lives quite literally, they have also caused fury when celebs lose weight miraculously at the hands of editors photoshopping assistants taking inches off waistlines in under a minute and eradicating spots at the click of a brush.

To view some of photoshops infamous tutorials, do take a wander through memory lane

Here at Walrus Digital Agency, we ponder where we would be with out it!.