Are Apple building a 12inch iPad Pro?

A photo of an mould, apparently used to manufacture the rear panel of the New 12″ iPad Pro, has set digital tongues wagging this week.

Many techies, assumed Apple would be launching a larger, business focused version of the iPad back in October 2014 at their press event. Rumours at the time dubbed a potential iPad Pro, with a 12 – 13″ monitor and an A8X processor. Such speculation did not prove fruitful as predicted, with Apple focusing on the iPad Air, mini tablets and the smart watch. Since the press launch back in 2014, The Wall Street journal reported that Apple had at the time held off on production of any larger iPad to allow its consumers and suppliers to focus on the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.

Roll forward January 2015 and circulating the internet is the rear mould shell for a tablet which appears to have the apple local central, albeit it blurred! The photo was posted online by a user on China’s Weibo blogging site, the photo simply named iPad Pro.


The photo reportedly snapped at the Foxconn’s Apple factory in China. The picture is consistent with a 12 – 13″ display. However could it also be for a 12″ macbook?